Service and Support

Our strategy hinges on providing excellent service and support to our valued customers. This has been critical to our success and is a major focus of our business.

  • Training: This is one of our core benefits to our customers when they purchase equipment from us. We offer training sessions where the client will be encouraged to participate in setting up the equipment and be competent to operate the product to its fullest potential.

  • Product and Software Upgrades: Our customers are informed of all new models that become available and we offer trade-in programs with the support of some of our principals when available. All Software/Firmware updates/upgrades are discussed with our customers to ensure that they have full knowledge of any changes to their products, or new features etc.

  • Customer Support: We are here to advise customers on the best products and ways to best achieve the impact and end result they are looking for, so that they can sell their products effectively. We have a simple philosophy to our customers:

  • "We support you if you support us"

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