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RIP is the process and the means of turning vector digital information such as a PostScript file into a high-resolution raster image for printing. Understanding Raster Image Processing can help you prepare files that print and print right.


Onyx RIP Centre / PosterShop / Productionhouse -

  • Get a comprehensive set of small-, medium- and large-format drivers with thousands of standard color profiles
  • Easy installation for production environments
  • Automated and custom nesting tools for maximum media savings
  • Maximum workflow efficiency with automated and unattended Print-only and Print-and-Cut workflows
  • Faster native PDF, EPS and Raster image processing for quick and reliable reproduction from all creative applications
  • The most accurate, automatic PANTONE®, RAL and HKS Spot Color Matching
  • White and Spot Ink Tools for fast job preparation
  • Industry-only Smart 16-Bit™ Processing for the best color blends and gradients
  • Superior 32-Bit ONYX Color Engine optimized for wide-format inkjet technologies
  • Exclusive ONYX PosterColor® rendering to automatically generate brilliant saturated prints
  • Optional JDF Module: adds automation capabilities to other JDF-enabled products
  • Onyx is a G7 Support Tool for easier G7 Certification process of your shop

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EFI Fiery XF - EFI™vFiery XF, a professional-level RIP, enables you to manage color supply chain from design to production to output by providing you with all the tools to produce the best color, It allows you to produce ISO 12647-7 / 8 compliant validation printing and contract proofing and G7 compliant proofs on inkjet, laser and LED printers. The solution caters to ad agencies, prepress businesses, publishers, newspapers, packaging companies, full-service printing houses, semi-professional photographers and print shops.

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EFI eXpress

Choose a Productive, Affordable and Accurate Photo and Proofing to Go Solution

EFI™ eXpress for Photo and EFI eXpress for Proofing help you print to win against your competition with two industry standard solutions for generating high quality contract proofs, photos and validation fast, easy and affordably. The intuitive solutions cater to photographers, creative directors, print buyers and designers who need to maximize their budgets, produce accurate final printouts and deliver amazing color on every print.

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