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Mutoh Eco Solvent - Mutoh's eco solvent printer range - the Blizzard Eco, Spitfire 100 Extreme Eco, Rockhopper 3 Extreme and ValueJet family - offers signmakers the outdoor benefits of solvent inks, yet making it possible to use the printers in a regular office environment.

Mutoh's Eco-Solvent Ultra inks, specifically engineered for the Mutoh Rockhopper print heads, make it possible to print directly onto a wide selection of low-cost uncoated PVC and banner media.

Early 2002, Mutoh was the first to come to market with its eco-solvent ink concept. The first generation of eco-solvent inks was offered in combination with specifically coated media. In August 2003, Mutoh’s Eco ink concept boosted with the release of the Eco-Solvent Plus inks, the second generation eco inks, since these were the first environmentally-friendly light solvent inks on the market to offer direct compatibility with a wide range of uncoated substrates. As such, Mutoh proved that there was an alternative for aggressive solvent inks to print onto uncoated materials.

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Mild Solvent Printers- Mutoh's mild solvent printers are the perfect complement to Mutoh's existing range of entry-level & mid-range Rockhopper/ValueJet eco-solvent printers and high-end solvent printers, namely the Osprey.

For speed-intensive sign applications requiring mid-term outdoor use, Mutoh’s mild solvent printers will perfectly fill the gap between eco-solvent printers and industrial-level full solvent printers.

Mutoh’s MS Ultra inks (Mild Solvent Ultra) have excellent drying and drop fixation characteristics and are suited for printing on a wide range of uncoated, eco-coated and coated substrates. Mutoh’s mild solvent inks offer mid-term outdoor durability of up to 3 years.

Mutoh’s mild solvent printers are specifically suited for typical sign businesses focusing on volume production of prints for mid-term outdoor use.

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Sublimation Printers - Discover the benefits of sublimation printing / digital transfer printing ! Mutoh’s sublimation printers will print on all typical dye sublimation transfer paper weights, even the thinnest transfer papers.

  • for transfer paper printing = sublimation printing on transfer paper using dye sublimation ink
  • for transfer to fabric or transfer to objects.

Prints made on Mutoh Viper or Viper Extreme sublimation printers are optimally prepared for after-treatment (e.g. heat transfer, calender unit, steamer, washing unit, dryer, …) thanks to an incorporated heavy-duty motorized unwinding/winding system.

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Mutoh UniFixer 65 - Mutoh’s UniFixer 65 is a high quality yet affordable universal calender system. Compatible with Mutoh’s entire range of dye sublimation and direct textile printers, UniFixer 65 will heat transfer your dye sublimation prints from paper to fabric, or heat fix your pre-printed fabrics. The calender will handle prints made with both water based dye sublimation inks as well as prints made with water based direct disperse dye inks. Ideal for short run and larger run production of indoor and outdoor banners & flags, sportswear, promo-tional apparel, decorative fabrics, etc …

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Mutoh Kona Cutters - Mutoh’s Kona affordable drag-knife cutting plotter family offers all application features required by professional sign makers.

  • Traditional vinyl cutting for lettering jobs
  • Contour cutting of pre-printed stickers 
  • Cut through feature for the creation of individual stickers

Mutoh Kona cutting plotters for regular vinyl cutting standard integrate Mutoh’s EPOS™ technology for automatic contour cutting.  As such, the Kona cutting plotter will be a perfect team player with any wide-format printer up to 64” capable of printing on self-adhesive PVC.

Moreover with the EPOS™ technology, Mutoh Kona cutting plotters can easily create, by using the cut through feature, convenient individual stickers for promotional, instructive or informative purposes.

With the Cut Through function, the Kona cutting plotter provides you a low-cost poster trimming solution for individual samples or small production volumes.




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